Our Story

Our story began with a desire for self medication

As an ex rugby player I have accumulated many aches and pains and as a promoter of natural remedies I normally prefer to be in pain than take prescribed medication.

With the legalisation of CBD this was a huge opportunity to have a natural organic pain relief remedy.

What I saw on the market was many products that were weak and unmeasured doses. Which is no good at all for self medication.

I knew there had to be a better solution and I could do better.

For effective pain relief you need a measured dose and you also need the strength. Some bottles on the market were so weak that you might need 3 bottles per day to really alleviate acute pain.

My business partner and I started to do our research and found the best organically grown Cannabis in Oregon. The production complies with the organic growing certificate issued by the State of Oregon, so the product is suitable for vegan and vegetarian use and it would also be suitable for halal and Kosher labels and due to the rural locations of our plantations there are minimal environmental problems but nevertheless we test for pesticide residues and heavy metal which can be produced by heavy diesel trucks which we reroute away from growing crops and we do not use diesel powered drying machines. Our crops are stored in barn dryers so they are not exposed to any pollutants or wildlife then we extract the Cannabidiol and it’s terpenes in our own extraction facility which is US government approved. The quality of the crop is paramount to the delivery of a world class product and during the growth cycle we continually inspect and test for quality at our in house laboratory facilities. Each batch is laboratory certified and before each shipment leaves our factory we obtain a certificate of analysis from an independent government approved laboratory and we retain samples of each batch for traceability.

We considered which was the best delivery method for our CBD so that we could maximize the benefits. Undoubtedly the best way by far was the sublingual method. Most hospitals now use this method as it is almost as effective as a subcutaneous injection and several times more effective than taking medicine orally which loses so much efficacy in the digestive tract.

We then need an effective carrier solution so we could deliver a sublingual spray for high mg of CBD. The Sprays we found on the market were more like a squirt than a spray and absolutely ineffective for the sublingual delivery method.

There were a few solutions that were readily available such as coconut oil but in reality is it too thick. We knew there had to be a better carrier fluid available and why not go one better than a spray and have a fine mist instead. (Hence our brand name).

All this took time to overcome the obstacles. Many, well actually most of these we encountered were resolved by Mr Tom Chapman, a reputed pharmacist now specialising in CBD oil extraction and hemp farm management. He is a consultant to our business and his patented carrier solution increases the bioavailability of Isomist™ making it effectively 7 times stronger than the same cbd delivered in the old pipette method and other sprays. This enables our sublingual CBD sprays to deliver a large volume of sub micron size particles in a fine mist which effectively increases the surface area thereby amplifying the volume and speed of absorption which gives a very similar result to having a subcutaneous injection.

Our passion to deliver a usable and effective CBD product was achieved and not only does it bring a great pain relief solution it also helps with depression and anxiety meaning that people no longer need to battle the dependency or addictive nature of prescribed medicines such as Prozac, OxyContin, Vicodin, and Demerol etc.

Many of our customers who require larger doses of CBD for pain treatment find that this is by far the most effective way to take the high doses required, rather than using multiple sublingual sprays with lesser concentrations or countless drops of tincture that do not have our technology.

Accurate dosing is the key issue in pain relief and management and a dose will never be consistent using a pipette from a bottle of tincture. Accurate and consistent dosing means that it is economic as there is no wastage.